Emporia IN Haunted Houses & Halloween Attractions

Emporia has some great options for a haunted night out. Below you will find our best haunted houses near Emporia, IN to get the most out of this Halloween season.

Stillwell Manor
Anderson, IN

Stillwell Manor Haunted House Come wind your way through Stillwell Manor. A mansion that has been frozen in time for the last 140 years. No one can explain the spirits that seem to appear from Septem... Read More

The Haunted Loft
Fortville, IN

Long ago, in the year 1692, after fleeing his home town to avoid involvement in the mysterious acts that led to the infamous Salem Witch Trials, Dr. E. Rex settled in a small rural area in Hancock Cou... Read More

Indy Screampark
Anderson, IN

Founded in 2010, Indy Scream Park is the scariest haunted house attraction park in the Indianapolis, Indiana metro area, featuring five terrifying haunted house attractions in one location. Its “Monst... Read More